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With eNPower HealthTM, the road toward a healthier future is never walked alone. Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing personal healthcare and transforming healthcare spending — become a member today.

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eNPower Health delivers a consumer-first membership service dedicated to putting your health, healthcare, and spending back into your hands. eNPower Health’s elite team of Nurse Practitioners serve as independent advisors, advocates, and confidants, partnering with you and your healthcare team to fill in the gaps between visits, removing barriers to quality care and empowering you to take control of your care and your healthcare spending.


eNPower Health’s ClinFinTM differentiation informs consumer decisions at the intersection of health and healthcare dollars — bridging personal health and healthcare spending for our members.

Our ClinFinTM Difference: More Health, Smarter Spending

Your health is your business. That’s why eNPower Health is independent by design — not beholden to insurance companies or huge health systems and hospital networks. eNPower Health is here for you, bringing clinical expertise and financial transparency to your most important healthcare decisions. Your dedicated Nurse Practitioner personally guides you to the care and health information you need at the best possible cost, helping you stay one step ahead of health issues while optimizing your health spending.

eNPower Health currently serves members throughout Florida. Enroll today to get the care you need or join our future member network to connect with us on how we can best serve you and your community.

How can we help you?

Meet Your Care Team

Your Dedicated Nurse Practitioner

At every step of the journey, your dedicated Nurse Practitioner (NP) acts as a trusted confidant, empowering you to take control of your personal health and healthcare spending while helping you traverse the healthcare landscape. Your NP is your copilot, always guiding and navigating with your best interests in mind while helping you avoid missteps. They’re not a representative from your insurance company or your employer –– they’re a professional clinician you can trust, and an advocate you can count on.

Why NPs?

Nurse Practitioners are consistently named among the most trusted healthcare professionals, bringing both clinical expertise and personalized care to eNPower Health members. Their proactive and consumer-first approach to care makes our NPs ideal partners for our members. Our NPs successfully connect members with valuable resources that fit their healthcare needs, cultivating a better and more engaging healthcare experience.

Dr. Staccie Allen, DNP, APRN

Staccie Allen, DNP, APRN

Proudly serving Gainesville, Florida for 27+ years, Staccie Allen brings decades of expertise as eNPower Health’s first Nurse Practitioner. Staccie provides high-quality and high-value care to her patients, with specializations in family and acute care. She is also one of Florida’s leading Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), licensed to independently deliver primary and autonomous care to patients throughout Florida and in her hometown of Gainesville.

How Do We Help You Health Better?

How Do We Help You Health Better?

eNPower Health

We positively and proactively impact your health and financial goals, whether you aim to lower cholesterol or blood pressure, prevent heart disease or cancer, find the best price for an MRI or diagnostic test, lower the price of your medications, or get back in the game after an injury or health scare.

eNPower Health

We help you save money on healthcare now and in the long run, ensuring you get the healthcare you need at a fair price and the return on health investment that you deserve.

eNPower Health

We build trust and confidence by being there when you need us most –– and even when you might not expect us –– for answers, advice, follow-ups, second opinions, advocacy, or judgment-free support.

We help you take back control of your health and wellbeing by boosting your health IQ, supporting your personal health and smart spending decisions, and empowering positive, lasting change.

Your eNPower Health Membership includes:

One-on-one planning sessions with your NP to achieve your health, healthcare, and health spending goals.

A personal health plan, complete with custom health and healthcare spending strategies that complement the care you’re currently receiving.

Telehealth visits with your NP — when needed, and convenient access to personalized care.

A secure member portal, enabling connection to your care team and access to relevant information.

Curated resources for boosting your health IQ and saving money.

How it Works

From our first conversation, the eNPower Health team is looking for ways to help you stay one step ahead of your health. Your NP will get to know you, your situation, and your goals, then craft a game plan with you to help you reach them.

eNPower health

Meet your NP and discover where our service can help you most

Your NP is with you every step of the way, and your eNPower Health journey begins with an onboarding process and one-on-one meeting with your dedicated Nurse Practitioner. The strong foundation of this relationship will be key in ensuring you meet your goals.

eNPower health

Establish your healthcare and spending baseline

Including a health spend checkup, a thorough evaluation of your current health situation, and a short- and long-term goal-setting appointment, your NP will get a clear idea of where you are — to then help you get where you’re going.

eNPower health

Set your customized strategy with your NP

Your NP will partner with you to establish a personal health plan to help you reach your goals, complete with health improvement objectives, coordinated healthcare strategies, and smarter spending milestones on the way to a better you.

eNPower Health

Take control of your care and healthcare spending

Between appointments with your eNPower Health NP and other healthcare providers, take action by improving your health on your schedule and boosting your health IQ with our helpful resources. Whenever you need personalized guidance, reassurance, or support, conveniently connect with your NP. Your NP will also proactively reach out to you between telehealth and clinic visits and follow up with you to optimize your health and financial outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does eNPower Health work with my primary care physician or other providers?

Our goal is to ensure you’re getting the care you need, as well as preferred access to our referral network. Our NPs deliver comprehensive and complementary primary care. Personalized health plans are created with input from you, your NP, and other established healthcare providers, addressing both short-term and long-term healthcare needs and helping coordinate your care.

Who is eNPower Health for?

eNPower Health was designed for 18-64-year-old adults who are not currently getting the best value from their healthcare. Whether you are preventing future disease or actively managing chronic conditions, eNPower Health and our NPs are here to help. eNPower Health provides members reassurance that they are receiving the right care at the right time and at the right price, enabling easier navigation of the healthcare landscape.

What’s the difference between a nurse and a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice clinicians with many of the same capabilities as physicians, allowing them to provide diagnoses, write prescriptions, and offer more in-depth clinical advice than Registered Nurses (RNs) without advanced training. NPs train and practice as RNs before completing their advanced education to practice as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). Our NPs are licensed in the state of Florida to provide independent primary care to patients, similar to the services provided by primary care physicians.

Does eNPower Health go through my insurance?

No, eNPower Health helps you navigate your health insurance and benefits but remains completely independent from insurance companies. This enables our NPs to put you and your health needs first.

Do I have to pay for telehealth visits with my NP?

No. Telehealth visits with your Nurse Practitioner are included in your eNPower Health membership. Your dedicated NP is available and conveniently accessible to provide answers and solutions when you need them. We will not bill you for individual services, questions, or information requests.

Still have questions? We’re happy to help — just give us a call at 1-844-407-4ENP or complete the contact form below.

How can we help?

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